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Summer is creeping ever closer and that means only one thing, Festival season is upon us. With a fair few metropolitan festivals kicking off in late April/ May it’s time to start looking ahead and planning your summer wardrobe.
This year Blue Rinse is proud to announce that we will be taking our festival shop to Glastonbury! Glastonbury is one of the most popular festivals of the summer with tickets selling out in 30mins or less each year. We will be taking our best vintage stock so keep an eye out for us. This summer we will also be heading to Latitude, Roskilde, Reading and Leeds.
Dressing for festivals is a skill that is hard to master. You can look at celebs wearing outlandish outfits like fringe body suits and intricate sequin kimonos and forget that they probably won’t have to brave zipping down to use a portaloo or be staying in a tent for 5 days. Here at Blue Rinse we like to think we know what we are doing when it comes to practical yet fashionable festival fashion, so here are our top festival style essentials and a few tips and tricks to help make your weekend one to remember.


Glastonbury 2016 (Photo: Beth Case)

Our Essentials


Even if the forecast is for a heatwave it would be foolish to not bring some sort of jacket. IT’S ALL ABOUT LAYERS (Just like Onions or Shrek). The nights are going to be cold and there is always the risk of rain so bring a sturdy jacket like a leather one or even a denim one that a rain coat or poncho could fit over easily. You could also opt for a fake fur number or one of our patterned 90's sports jackets to really go all out.

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Sticking with layers, Put a jumper in your bag to use as an extra layer when out and about or you could leave it in your tent and use it as a pillow or to keep warm if it gets extra cold at night.

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Dresses are lightweight, easy to take from day to night and come in so many styles so are perfect for festivals. They can be adapted by adding layers like tights and jumpers or can be worn on their own when the sun shines! We love show stopping metallic or sequin dresses to add some glamour to your look.


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A summer staple, Shorts are more practical than skirts or jeans as you can still keep your modesty (i.e. you will be getting in and out of tent a lot and if you where wearing a skirt you risk flashing fellow campers) and they are easy to take on and off if it rains or gets muddy (Soggy denim never dries and tends to clings to your legs). We have listed lodes of shorts online from cool cotton ones to fashionable denim.

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Taking a few different tops to interchange with your shorts is an easy way to keep outfits fresh and to not pack to many different outfits. The tops could be anything from t-shirts to blouses. We have a fab selection of vintage blouses from bold animal prints to sequins.

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With going to a festival and camping all weekend comes greasy or frizzy tent hair. After a few days it’s easier to just whack on a hat instead of loading it up with more dry shampoo or risking the festival showers. You could go for an on trend baker boy cap or festival staple bucket hat or eaven just your favourite beanie.

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Your savior from the being blinded from the sun or from people seeing how hungover you actually are, sunglasses should stick with you at all times! I would suggest taking two pairs as you know one pair is bound to get broken in campsite or lost in a mosh pit.

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So that’s it! If you still need some styling inspiration we love how Alexa Chung manages to take practical yet fashionable festival dressing to the next level of cool (when dose she even not look good though?).

Remember if you forget any of the items we have mentioned above then you can pop into our shop and we can sort you out. See you in the fields!